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Lilli A

A huge 8 weeks by @lilliannetta who was super consistent through some tough times in lockdown.

Lilli had fallen into some bad habits and was looking for a way to get out of the unhealthy cycle she was in which included mindless eating and very little exercise.

Early on there was a minor setback when her tonsillitis reappeared. This had been ongoing for months, reappearing every time she worked out too much leaving her to rest and do nothing.

Fortunately this time wasn’t as severe and by dropping the intensity and doing some more slower weighted work we were able to slowly progress and get Lilli back to full intensity, doing a couple of our tough zoom sessions each week towards the end of the 8 weeks.

Lilli also got her steps up, getting over 10,000 steps most days while also prioritising time for exercise, doing at least 3 sessions a week. On top of that Lilli nailed her food diary each week and hit her food goals consistently.

Lilli is now so close to her goal weight and is at the point where she can finish it off herself from the good habits she’s built over 2 months.

Some notable results:

✅ 3 sessions every week

✅ Dropped 7.5kgs

✅ Dropped 9cm from the waist and 11cm from the hips

✅ 10,000 steps

✅ Feeling happier and healthier

Awesome effort 👏🏼 👏🏼

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