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Chicken Parma with Veggies and Chips

If you're struggling for protein in your day and don't mind a chicken parma then you will love this meal! A delicious dinner with even more protein than this week's lunch!


180g Chicken Breast

50g Leggo's Parma Sauce - Tomato and Herbs

30g 97% Fat Free Shaved Ham

30g Coles light shredded Mozarella cheese

125g McCain Healthy Choice Chips

60g Green Beans

60g Broccoli

Calories: 530


Carbs: 41g

Protein: 62g

Fat: 13g

Fibre: 8g

That is the third of three main meals for this week. Stay tuned for a day's worth of snacks and the final day on a plate where every meal and snack will be combined to show a full day of eating, with over 130g of protein!

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