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Factoring in alcohol into your macros

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

There are just some days where you know you are in for a big one. Whether it be a close friend or families birthday party, christmas or anniversary, there are some days where you just know you are going to drink a little more. It may even be during lockdown, and you just want to have a big night to yourself. You don't have to completely sacrifice your weight loss goals because you are having a few drinks.

Here are some ways you can soften the blow:

  1. Maintain protein intake

  2. Drink lots of water

  3. Pick no sugar or low calorie options

  1. Try to consume some extra protein throughout the day, especially if you have an event at night. The common foods people eat on a night out are usually carb heavy and offer little to no protein - alcohol, bread, chips, biscuits etc - so eating some more protein based meals early on can have you closer to your daily intake of protein then you would have without it.

  2. Drink heaps of water before hand. Alcohol can dehydrate you and if you are constantly reaching for alcohol to rehydrate you, you will probably end up consuming much more then you would like. Try consume some water during a drinking session or at least make sure your hydrated before hand.

  3. Most drinks now have no sugar or low calorie options. Over the course of a few drinks these calories can add up and be the difference of a huge meal. Many of these low sugar or low calorie drinks are more than half their original version in calories. If you put this into numbers, the average drink might have somewhere around 250 calories. Over 5 drinks for the night this could be 1250 calories. Picking a low calorie option could keep you around the 600 mark, which when you factor in snacks or dinner can be a great way to save 600 calories.

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