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Higher Protein Cereals

When trying to build muscle, stay lean or 'toned' it is important you are consuming enough protein during the day to support your training and muscle building efforts. A lot of people fall short from their daily total by not consuming enough protein at breakfast.

There are many high protein options you can have at breakfast and cereal can be one of them. Although your serving of cereal probably won't contain as much protein as some other breakfast options, it can be a quick and easy way to get food down in the morning.

Cereals get a bad rap for being unhealthy for breakfast as they are usually high in carbs, sugar and calories without adding other nutritional value. However they are easy to make and usually taste nice, so if you enjoy your cereal, try look for one higher in protein and make sure to balance out the carbs with the rest of the days meals.

Here are some higher protein cereals ranging from 4-10g of protein per serve. Most of these will be served with milk adding even more protein into your meal.

Here are some lower option protein cereals. While some of these may taste nice, they offer little protein meaning you will have to play catch up for the rest of the day which can be difficult to do if you are not on top of it at every meal.

This is not a complete list but hopefully gives you ideas on what to look for. If there are any other high protein cereals I may have missed, feel free to comment below!!

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