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The Hollow Hold - Ultimate core exercise

For an extremely strong core, hollow holds are a must! The hollow hold is an isometric exercise which will help build your core strength-endurance and help you in other full body movements by helping you engage your core and improving your stability.

The full hollow hold will look like the picture below.

- Arms, legs and shoulder blades off the ground creating a banana shape

- Legs straight, arms above head

- Lower back pressed into the ground, core engaged

- Head off the ground looking towards feet

Now this position is quite challenging. You only need to try hold it for 10 or so seconds before you start to shake and feel this one. If you are struggling to get into the right position or you find your lower back arching as you do this, here are two ways to make the exercise more suitable.

Bent Hollow hold

- Shoulder blades, arms and legs off the ground

- Knees bent. Arms by side

- Lower back pressed into the ground, core engaged.

- Head off the ground looking towards knees

The Bent Hollow Hold allows for less pressure on the core and is a suitable starting place for most people.

Now that we have seen the two main positions and the cues for each, here are the remaining progressions from easiest to most difficult. Make sure to start off easy and build your way up the 5 progressions.

  1. Bent Hollow Hold

  2. Single leg extended Hollow Hold

  3. Both legs extended, arms down

  4. Hollow hold - both legs extended, arms overhead

  5. Weighted hollow hold - both legs extended, weight above head

Give the progressions a go starting with 3 sets of 15-30 and trying to build to 45-60 secs for 3 sets. Let us know if you need help moving to the next progression!

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