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Tips on coming back to weight training

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Here are 4 tips to get you back into weight training safely. While conservative it will make sure you do not get injured and miss out on more time in the gym.

- Start light - Unless you had weights at home, start light when going back into the gym. This includes those doing bodyweight hiit workouts or running while at home. Even though you were still working out, adding load to your movements can be a big adjustment for the body.

- Focus on technique and form rather than weight and intensity to begin with. Your body needs to remember to move well first to move heavier loads safely. This is particularly important to remember when getting back into the gym, as it can be easy to be influenced by the environment of others working out with you and over exert yourself. Do your best to keep everything controlled, try not to race others and make sure there is no sloppy reps in the first few weeks.

- Aim to be consistent rather than coming out all guns blazing. It would be better to pick a slightly lower number of sessions than usual than to do more sessions than you usually would. You won't make up for lost time by jumping straight back into training 7 days a week when you use to do 3-4. More so you will run the risk of increasing your chances of injury and/ or burnout.

If you know that training 3-4 times a week is your sweet spot then start with 2-3 sessions the first few weeks and if you are consistently hitting those sessions then look to increase it.

- Make sure to schedule in rest days. Tying into the above, it is important that if you have not been training to not go back to the gym every day of the week just because it helps your routine. Your body needs to rest and recover so you can come back stronger from the previous session and if you haven't been doing the training that you are about to do, your body may be de-conditioned from it and need a little more time to recover properly.

Hope those 4 tips help you get back to the gym safely and uninjured!

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