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Training with too much intensity?

If you are someone who loves high intensity workouts or runs but find that you are often “all in or out” with your workouts and fitness then this could you you! 👇👇👇

It’s great to push yourself in a workout, whether it be a high intensity workout or running. Pushing yourself can lead to great improvements in your fitness. However, we need to be able to maintain the ability to train at a high intensity week in week out without crashing otherwise all that effort can go wasted. This means balancing the amount of high intensity we do in a week.

Fitness is the end game, and the more effort you can put in consistently over time, the better your progress will be.

So how can you tell if you are training with too much intensity each workout?

  1. You can’t maintain your training program. This usually happens if your workouts are so intense you have to hype yourself up for each workout to do them. Training isn’t game day so don’t always expect to perform at that intensity. Not every workout has to leave you on the floor dying.

  2. You get injured a lot. When you train too intensely too often your body gets the rest it needs through an injury, stalling your progress.

Here are 3 things you can do to avoid burning out and plateauing in your fitness goals.

1.Incorporate strength training - one of the best ways to prevent injuries from occurring. It will also help improve performance over time.

2. Do longer, slower work - High intensity training is such a buzz that people forget endurance is a big part of fitness. Long slow bike rides and runs with your heart rate well below red zone can help you recover faster and help you push harder for longer in your higher intensity workouts. These are also much less intense on your body if you do it at a low intensity.

3. Rest: sometimes you just need a day off. This can mean doing nothing for the day or substituting in a walk, stretch or swim for the usual intense workout.

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