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Warming Up - Core and Lower Back

Lower back pain can be super annoying and halt progress if it gets severe enough. If your getting back into working out or just managing lower back niggles, this warmup will keep you in good stead and make sure your core is activated for your workout.

Dr Stuart McGill, a world renowned professor for his work around back pain, recommends including the below 3 exercises which can address all areas of the core while not placing excessive stress on part of the back which are aggravated. Here are what is known as Stuart McGill's Big 3 exercises for activating the key muscles around your lower back.

Hit the links to watch the video demo.

So here is the core warmup which includes these 3 plus some extras to really get you going.

2 rounds

10 McGill Curl ups each side

This is a really safe warmup which can be modified to suit more people by shortening the amount fo reps, time planking or regressing the exercise to make it a little more manageable.

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