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3 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Losing weight can be simplified as best managing the calories in vs calories out equation otherwise known as creating a calorie deficit. Simply if we burn more calories than we are consuming over a period of time our body will lose weight. If you feel like you have been doing this and still are not losing weight, here are a few reasons I have found for why kgs may not be dropping:

1. You are not tracking your calories. It is almost impossible to really know how much you are eating if you aren't keeping track of what you are eating in some capacity and forgetting foods you may be eating. Chances are you probably make comments like ' I eat pretty good most of the time but i'm still not losing weight' and then when digging down a little further you find the fast food, snacks and extra meals which add over 300 - 500 calories to the day which almost always stops weight loss. Using calorie counters like Myfitness pal keeps you accountable to exactly what you are eating. There are other ways to do this like writing a food diary of some sort however having a number figure to work off and work towards is usually the easiest way to manage your calories.

2. You are not measuring your food properly which therefore leads to underestimating how much you are eating. A handful of chips? How many grams is that? A bowl of pasta? Bowl sizes can vary. Underestimating your bowl of pasta can be worth 100-300 calories. Do that one or twice a day and all of a sudden you've missed 300-500 calories of food. Learning to use a food scale and learning to read the nutrition label on the back of your food product minimises the degree of error in calculating your food. A little effort to learn these ends in big results, don't get lazy.

3. You're not counting all the food you eat. Unfortunately calories on the weekend and Saturday night count. So do all the little nibbles of chocolate, fruit and little handfuls from the bowl of sweets you have throughout the day. As do the sauces and dips you add to your meals. Just because you do not want it to count or do not think it is significant does not mean your body does not register it. Extra snacking throughout the day can easily be hundreds of calories, putting a dint in any calorie deficit efforts you have.

All three points above require a little bit of effort from the individual taking trying to lose weight. If you are ready to honest with the foods you eat and are struggling with counting your calories or are not sure where to start with calories and macros, reach out and we can have a chat.

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