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10 High Protein Snacks

Often the downfall in a lot of diets is snacking and in particular, our choice of snacks and the amount of snacking in a day. We head to the pantry, find an unfulfilling high carb snack to nibble on and within seconds it's gone and we are back for more. Within the blink of an eye, what was once meant to be just a snack has now led to a mini buffet of chips, lollies, biscuits, chocolate, dips and spreads. Meanwhile we have now piled on another 500+ calories, still hungry and regretting our life choices.

If you're looking for a snack and going to be consuming some food you may as well opt for a high protein snack. Out of the three macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat), protein is often the one that is the most under eaten, however is also the one that will help you build muscle and look better.

Eating a higher protein snack can also help you feel fuller for much less and leave you more satisfied then the bag of chips, making sure you are less likely to binge.

Here are 10 higher protein snacks which can help you improve your macros.

  1. Homemade chocolate protein pretzel loaf

  2. Crankt Protein Shake (can pour over breakfast too)

  3. Yo pro yoghurt

  4. Chobani Fit x Cookie crunch

  5. BSC Protein Bar

  6. The Bar counter

  7. Halo Top ice cream stick

  8. Carmens Gourmet Protein Bar Cranberry Dark Choc

  9. Tuna on rice cakes

  10. Heritage Mill Peanut Caramel Protein Bar

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