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Achieving your goals - be consistent

Happy Sunday! I hope this blog post helps motivate you to keep at your goals for the week or motivates you to get that goal you have always wanted to achieve.

The biggest thing I have learnt over the last couple years of my fitness journey, is if you really want to improve on your goals, you need to be working on it 2-4 times every week for months on end.

The most common thing I have seen from watching clients take on new goals, is that they will dive into it head first for a few weeks to then just get completely demotivated and lose any progress they made. While getting off to a great start is important, it counts for nothing if you move back to bad habits after a few weeks.

The first thing I wish people understood more before taking on a goal, is that achieving a significant goal takes time! It takes time to significantly improve in something you are not good at. Most people look at their goals and overestimate what they can achieve in a few weeks and underestimate what they can achieve in 6 months.

Think of something in the last six months that you have really wanted to achieve but gave up on. Imagine you worked on that 3-4 times every single week. Twice at a minimum and four times on those weeks you are feeling more motivated. Chances are you would be a lot closer to that goal than if you come out all guns blazing and give up after a few weeks.

Lets break it down in numbers to really show the difference across the course of 6 months.

Here is Person A who's motivation and attendance fluctuates. They are either 'all in' or 'all out'.

Every couple of months they smash out 5 running sessions in 2 weeks and then they get a little burnt out, demotivated and do 2 sessions in weeks 3 &4 and 1 session in weeks 5&6 before completely giving up for another 2 weeks. Two weeks pass and after two months of starting that original goal, they are re-motivated again.

So it plays out like this:

Months 1 & 2:

W1 &2: 5 sessions each week (10)

W3&4: 2 sessions each week (4)

W5&6: 1 session each week (2)

W7&8: 0 sessions each week (0)

So every 2 months they do 16 sessions. Across the course of 6 months they would have done 48 sessions.

**This takes into account that they get re-motivated every 2 months. Usually it takes people a lot longer.

Here is Person B who consistently does 3-4 sessions a week depending on their motivation, schedule and life workload. They never let themselves do less than three sessions a week, so we will average this out to be 7 sessions a fortnight.

This would play out like the following:

Months 1 & 2

W1 & 2: 7 sessions a fortnight

W3 & 4: 7 sessions a fortnight

W5 & 6: 7 sessions a fortnight

W7 & 8: 7 sessions a fortnight

So every 2 months, Person B would complete 28 sessions. Across 6 months, 84 sessions.

In 6 months, Person A does 48 sessions.

In 6 months Person B does 84 sessions.

Person B, through just being more consistent, does at least 36 sessions more than Person A. This is also considering that Person A gets re-motivated in time to smash it out again at the start of the 3rd month.

If you have a running goal and run on average 4 kilometres a session and you are Person A, you are doing 144km less across 6 months than if you were more consistent like Person B. If you average more than 4km a run than add some more kms onto that total!

Imagine running almost twice as far in the same time period by just turning up each week!!

Keep consistent towards your goals and set a large time frame. Give yourself 6 months to get there and turn up every single week, even when you do not want to. You will thank yourself in 6 months time.

Hard work pays off!

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