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Working out every single week!

If you are someone who has weeks go by where you don't workout or you workout much less than you want to, this could help you keep consistent and working out as much as you need to each week.

Remember it is much better to train 3-4 times every week to achieve your goals then be super motivated and do 5-6 sessions a week to then be doing nothing in a few weeks time. Consistency is key long term and here's how you can set yourself up for it.

Figure out a minimum

To start off, you need to determine the minimum amount of sessions or workouts you can commit to comfortably each week. Be careful not to over exaggerate this.

This is not: how many sessions can you do when you feel most motivated.

But more so: how many sessions can you commit to when you are feeling the least motivated.

When you think of your number of minimum workouts for the week, it should feel very achievable.

Usually this is around 3 for most people but if you feel like you can comfortably do 3 add more. 3 gives you a day break between sessions and a 2 day break between two.

This number will be the number you try to hit when you are feeling least motivated.

As your fitness improves and your consistency improves, you can increase your minimum.

Figure out your preferred training times

Next think about the times in the day when you can workout. Once you have figured out a few, schedule in your best 3 times (or whatever your minimum is) to workout for the week. For example if you work 9-5 you might pick 7am or 5.30pm.

Have back up times

Be prepared to not always be able to workout at these time. Just because you missed your workout time doesn't mean your week is over and and to try again next week. Things pop up all the time and you just need to adjust. Have back up days and times where you could do workouts but prefer not to. Aim for 1-2 back up times for each session you schedule in. You need to have these set just incase something unexpected comes up that week and you can't workout on the day you intended to.

Schedule it in

Print out a calendar or put it in your workouts in your phone calendar or journal/ diary. Whatever it is you use, schedule in your days you will exercise as well as your back up days and treat these as appointments for yourself.

The more importance you show to your exercise schedule, the more likely you are to get it done and not allow other things to take its place. You wouldn't skip that work meeting so don't skip on time for yourself and your health and fitness.

Get it done

Lastly, commit to it. Commit to doing your best to get out the sessions you wanted to. If you can't make those sessions commit to doing the back up sessions. This only works if you make it happen!

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