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Snacks and desserts

Here are some snack ideas which well help keep the sweet cravings at bay while getting in some extra protein and nutrients. The banoffee pie is definitely one for sweet tooths!

Yoghurt, Mixed Berries and Carman's

Protein bar Banoffee Pie


Yoghurt and Mixed Berries


30g Raspberries

30g Blueberries

100g Strawberries

Calories: 164

Protein 16g

Fat 1g

Carbs 24g

Fibre 5g

Carman's Protein Bar

Calories : 180

Protein 11g

Fat 9 g

Carbs 12g

Fibre 3g

Banoffee Pie

1 Pampas Sweet Tart Cases

25g Nestle Top 'N' Fill Caramel

50g Banana

10g Light Whipped Cream

Calories: 238

Protein 3g

Fat: 9 g

Carbs: 37g

Fibre: 1g


Calories: 582

Protein: 30 g

Fat: 19g

Carbs: 73g

Fibre: 9g

Snacks are a great way to get you to those extra calories and make sure you are hitting your macros. Just from these you have 30g of protein and 500 extra calories. While that may seem like a lot of calories, balancing it out with your other meals is key!

Tomorrow's post will show how that can all tie together in a 1700-1800 calorie diet. Remember to adjust the portion sizes to fit your caloric needs!

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