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Adam H

An awesome effort by @adam__harris_ who smashed out his 7 week program and had some amazing results.

Adam was consistent across the 7 weeks making better lifestyle choices that suited his goals including walking more, opting for more nutritious snacks and reducing his alcohol intake. While he didn’t completely give it up the booze, he chose lighter calorie options when he could and reduced the amount of drinking across the week.

Adam actually struggled to eat enough food at times while dieting as some of the higher protein food would leave him feeling fuller than usual. This helped with cravings for less nutritious foods. As the weeks improved he was able to balance out his meals better and get enough food in as well as increase his protein intake.

On top of that he exercised consistently, building strength in his upper body while running more than ever, clocking up his first few runs over 10km and setting a new 5km PB🏃🏽‍♂️

With a ton of new knowledge about how to structure his eating and workouts for the week, Adam looks to continue exercising and break the 20 min mark for 5km while putting on some size to his upper body.

Here are some of the notable results across his 7 weeks:

✅ Dropped 6.2kgs

✅ dropped 10 cm from the waist and 12.5 from the hips

✅ Ran a 5km PB at 20.54

✅ Upper body strength increased

Nice job mate 👏🏼 👏🏼

To enquire about the program, go to 'jump on the program' 👊🏽

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