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Banana Split Yoghurt Bowl

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Back for another week of a day on a plate, shooting around the 2200 calorie mark this week, Very generally, this is a little higher than the average female daily intake and a little lower than the average male's daily calorie intake. This of course depends on many factors, such as height, weight and activity level. Always make sure to adjust to your nutritional needs.


1 Strawberry Yo- Pro 160 g

30 g Uncle Toby's Crunchy Granola - Almond and Vanilla

10 g Cadbury Baking Milk Choc Chips

50 g Banana

5 g Shredded Coconut

5 g Honey

Calories: 370


Carbs: 48 g

Protein: 320 g

Fat: 10 g

Fibre: 4 g

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