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Facts and Myths of Protein Powder

Unfortunately purchasing protein powder is over complicated and made to be confusing as companies make false promises and over exaggerate results from their products as a marketing tool to help bring in millions of dollars for the industry. If you haven't read up on the benefits of protein powder and why you should be using it, have a read of the link below.

Here a 3 facts and myths of protein powders.


- Protein powders are supplements and should never replace a healthy balanced diet. To add to this, if you can consume all your protein from whole foods then you do not need protein powders.

- Powders can be a quick and simple way of getting in extra protein to hit your protein goals. Sometimes you might feel too full to fit in an extra serving of food or you may be in a rush to get somewhere and don't have the time to dish up a high protein meal. In these scenarios protein powders can help you hit your protein goals.

- Protein powder can help get adequate protein which in turn can lead to muscle gain, quicker recovery and can prevent illnesses which may have occurred from being protein deficient.


- Protein makes you fat or bulky. Unfortunately getting 'fat' or putting on weight comes from consuming too many calories. While having too much protein can contribute to that, if you reduce your intake to the right amount as well as your overall calories, the protein can help building a leaner looking body.

Unfortunately, gaining muscle is not as simple as drinking a protein supplement and getting bigger. It takes years of consistent hypertrophy work to make significant gains to be considered bulky.

- You need to consume protein in a 20 min window of your workout. Our body has protein sources available as long as we are eating consistently ad have a protein source n the meals we eat. There is no need to rush home or have a shake at the gym if you have eaten before and are going to be eating later.

- Protein is only found in meat. Although meat protein is considered a complete protein due to having all the essential amino acids, many plant based meals and diary products are high in protein too. Having a mixture of, eggs, yoghurt, beans, nuts, tofu, lentils as well as vegan protein powders are a great ways of getting in your protein needs.

These are just some facts and myths on protein. If there are any more you can think of or any questions you have on protein please comment below! :)

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