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Online Sessions are Back!

We are back on from this Monday! Fabian and I will be running 4 zoom sessions a week starting from Monday!

All workouts will be 45 minute sessions which anyone can do at home with minimal equipment. All you will need is a bench/ chair, some floor space and a water bottle. If you have equipment you will also have the opportunity to use it and make the workout tougher.

Fabian and I will be taking two sessions each for the week at the following times:

Mon: 7am

Tues: 5:30pm

Wed: 7am

Thurs: 5:30pm

Can't make a session time?

This time around there will also be the option to do the workout later if you can not make it on the day. We will be recording the workout on zoom so you can do the workouts in your own time. To purchase or view the workout go to online sessions on my page.

Workouts haven't be loaded as of yet, but you can enjoy a preview of my intro to an online competition from earlier last week 😂

Each session is $5, whether you do it live or afterwards.

To attend the session live, get in contact with one of us so we can make sure we have the link out to you before the workout starts!

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