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10 Minute Abs

A tough core workout from today. This 10 minute workout is a good way to quickly get in a lot of reps, work on your core endurance and have your abs on fire! This is a good one which will test you from the third and fourth round!

Here is the workout:

10 minutes

Every minute on the minute:

6-12 V-ups or modified V-ups.

Butterfly Sit-ups to the 50 second mark.

10 second rest and then you go again until you get to 10 minutes

So lets say you pick 6 modified v-ups, this is how your first two minutes will look:

Min 1: 6 modified v-ups, butterfly situps with the remaining time to 50 secs, 10 sec rest

Min 2: Repeat exactly the same as minute 1.

To see a video of the workout exercises hit the link below.

Exercise Tips:

V-up: Try meet your feet up at the top and keep your legs as straight as possible. Touch the ground behind you in-between reps.

Modified V-up: Bring your knees in and touch your heels on every rep. When extending back out try get your upper back on the ground and your feet close to the ground with your legs straight.

Butterfly Sit-up: Keep your heels together and tap the ground behind you and your toes on every rep.

You can go as slow as you like for the butterfly sit-ups. The goal is to keep moving and keep the core engaged. Break up the V-ups as you need to!

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