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3x 10 Min EMOMs

Here is a 36 minute workout from start to finish. Add on a 5 - 10 minute warmup and you are looking at a 45 minute workout which will get your heart rate up and use most of your body.

EMOM = Every minute on the minute

Here is how to do it: Pick a number which you think you can comfortable do in a minute for the first two exercises below. Start your clock and let it count upwards.

In the first minute do 5-10 pushups. The rest of the minute is rest. When it gets to 1:00 do 15-20 squats then rest. When it gets to 2:00 do your pushups again. Continue this until you get to 10:00 minutes then take 2 minutes rest and repeat with the new exercise

The Workout

10 min Emom

Min 1: 5 - 10 pushups (pick a number can get consistently)

Min 2: 15 - 20 squats (can do them weighted)

2 mins rest

10 min Emom

Min 1: 15 - 20 Plyo star jumps (Try tapping ankles instead of knees like in video) or regular star jumps

Min 2: 35 - 40 secs of commandos

2 mins rest

10 min Emom

Min 1: Burpees 10 - 12

Let me know how you go!

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