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5 Minute Warmup

Warmups are often overlooked, however it does not have to take you long and will significantly decrease your chances of getting an injury, improve your performance and assist in recovering from your session better too.

Here is a 5 minute full body warmup to help you get ready for your run or hiit session. This will get your hips going through full ranges of motion and activate all your main muscle groups, particularly in your lower body.

  1. 15 leg swings forward and back both legs

  2. 5 active supermans both legs

  3. 5 pushups to downward dog

  4. 5 single leg deadlifts each leg

  5. Lunge/ squat/ lunge x5

  6. 5 broad jumps

3 rounds

Here are some cues and images to help you with each of the exercises.

15 leg swings forward and back on both legs

  • Lean on a pole/ fence, swing one of your legs up forward and back, trying to increase the height as you go

5 Active spider-mans both legs

  • Start in a plank position on your hands

  • Bring your right foot next to your right hand

  • Drop your elbow as far down as you can to the ground and then rotate over your knee

  • Repeat 5 times and then swap legs and arm

5 Pushups to downward dog

  • Do a pushup first then push your hips back and up into the air while trying to keep your legs nice and straight

5 Single leg deadlifts each leg

  • On one leg, let the other leg come off the ground

  • Lower your hands towards your feet while your back leg goes back

Lunge/ squat/ lunge = 1. 5 reps

  • Do a lunge on your right leg, go back to standing.

  • Do a squat and then stand.

  • Lunge on your left leg and then stand.

5 broad jumps

  • Jump off both legs in front of you

3 rounds - Repeat the above

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