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This week's Outdoor PT workout

Here is a workout from this week's outdoor PT Sessions. Read below for the workout.

3 rounds of

30 secs of pushups


5 Broad jumps


200m jog recovery

Rest 2-3 mins

Then 4 mins on/ 1 min off. 1 minute on each exercise (x2) for the 4 mins.

Station 1

- Shuttle Runs

- Kb Deadlifts

Station 2

- Burpee without a pushup + 2 plank jacks

- Curtsy Lunge

Station 3

- Plyo mountain climbers

- Band Pull Aparts

Station 4

- Skipping

- Wall Sit

Good luck if you give it a go. With a 5-10 minute warm up should be about a 35-40 minute session.

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