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Outdoor PT Workout - HIIT 21st Nov

Each week I will be posting 1-2 of the workouts from the outdoor groups! Here is this week's HIIT Workout!

Time: 30 seconds on/ 15 seconds rest x8

1:15 min rest moving onto next station

Workout Duration: Roughly 36-37 minutes for the entire workout not including the warmup


Skipping/ wallsit

Running/ Pushups

Skaters/ deadlifts

Heel taps/ shoulder press

Running/ Single leg squats to the bench (3 each leg alternating)

How it Works:

Do the first exercise for 30 seconds. Take 15 seconds rest and then do the second exercise.

Continue alternating until you have done 8 efforts or 4 of each.

For example:

1. 30 seconds of skipping

15 sec rest

2. 30 second wall sit

15 sec rest

3. 30 seconds of skipping

15 sec rest

4. 30 second wall sit

... All the way to 8.

Enjoy! :)

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