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Tough Ab workout

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

A semi advanced ab workout. This looks a lot easier than it was. The last round definitely did not look as comfortable as the first round filmed 😅

Here’s the workout:

🔹Bicycle crunch to both sides

🔹Tuck up

🔹Modified v-ups

x5 (20 reps all up)

🔸30-60 secs rest after each round.

🔸Aim for 3-5 sets

Exercise Tips:

Bicycle Crunches: **Aim to get your shoulders right off the ground for the bicycle crunches if you can

Tuck up: Hand behind head, bring everything as close together as possible

Modified v-ups: Bring your knee towards your chest and touch your heels. Then extend it back out.

For a demo of the exercises, check out my instagram page HERE for the whole first round :)

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