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Workout 03.09.20

This morning’s workout in unpleasantly windy conditions.

The first part of this workout took me around 12 minutes and the second part took me just over 7. So you are looking at about 19 minutes of work with 5 minutes rest in between for about a 20-30 minute workout depending on how fast you go.

If you can’t do the movement in blue, try the movement in yellow.

3 rounds of:

🔹30 overhead squats 🔸30 squats with weight

🔹30 butterfly sit-ups

🔹90 double unders 🔸180 skips

5 mins rest then:

1 round of:

🔹180 double unders 🔸360 skips

🔹60 butterfly sit-ups

🔹30 handstand push-ups 🔸30 pushups

Exercise Tips:

For the first circuit, start on the squats and do 30. Once you have done the squats, move to the sit-ups and then the skipping. Repeat for another 2 rounds for 3 total.

Squats: 30 Reps continuously may start to burn the legs a bit. Try break them up into sets of 5 - 10 with quick little rest in between.

Butterfly Sit-ups: Feet stay together. Touch the ground behind you and your toes when coming up.

Skipping: For double unders the rope comes under your feet twice each jump. A single under is the more common form of skipping where the rope comes under once.

Pushups: Make sure to go all the way down and all the way up. Break these up into small sets if 30 is a big number for you. If you can do pushups on your toes then you must stay on your toes the entire way.

If you can't do pushups on your toes, lower yourself down on your toes but come back up on your knees.

If you have any questions about the workout, let me know below :)

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