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Workout 07.09.20

A tough one from this morning, had me forgetting the order of the workout at stages 😅

Do 2 rounds of the below. Take 2-3 mins rest and repeat.

If you can’t do the movement in blue, try the movement in yellow.

2 rounds of:

🔹50 double unders 🔸100 skips

🔹20 lateral burpees 🔸20 lateral burpees stepping over object

🔹50 double unders 🔸100 skips

🔹20 kB snatches 🔸20 ground touches with a jump

Rest 2-3 and repeat

Exercise Tips

Skipping: Double unders are where the rope goes under your feet twice before each jump. This can be tough to do, if you do single unders, just do 2 to every 1 double under.

Lateral burpees: Have an object to jump over or step over. Chest hits the ground, get back up and make your ay ver the object.

Kb Snatches: Bring weight from just below your knees straight above your head.

Ground touches with a jump: If you do not have access to a weight, the body weight version of this is to touch the ground with one hand and jump up as high as you can. Alternate hands with each rep.

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