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Workout 10.09.20

This morning’s hit out. Ever so slowly getting better at handstand push-ups. If you’re struggling with pushups (handstand or normal) like me this might be a good one to help improve your handstand/normal pushups, while incorporating a little legs.

If you can’t do the blue, you can definitely do the yellow.

The workout.

Every 3 mins for 18 mins

🔹10 handstand push-ups 🔸10 push-ups. The hardest variation you can manage (decline, toes, knees)

🔹10 front squats 🔸10 squats with weight or squat jumps

🔹10 barbell reverse lunges 🔸10 weighted reverse lunges or 10 jumping lunges

Exercise Tips:

Pushups: Find the hardest variation you can do where you can get 10 out. Your options can be knee pushups, toes, decline or handstand pushups.

Squats: If you have weight aim for something thats relatively light for 10 reps and hold it out in front.

Reverse Lunges: If you have a bar put it on your back, otherwise keep it in front and step backwards.

Ends up being six sets. Let me know if you give it a go 👊🏽

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