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Workout 20.08.2020

Here is a tough workout for you to try for the first workout on this blog.

In just 20 minutes, you have a full body workout smashing your chest, arms, quads, butt and your lungs will be on fire.

The workout:

20 mins

Minute 1:

5 Hand release Pushups

10 lunges (5 each leg, alternating)

Burpees over the line

Minute 2:


If you have a timer, set it for one minute on, one minute off. x10. Otherwise just use a 20 minute timer. Your score is the amount of burpees you do for the workout.

The rest is deceivingly short and a minute seems to get quicker and quicker as the workout goes on. Do your best to try keep the same pace going into the last few rounds.

If you have tape, mark out a line on the ground to do your burpees over, you will also need this for your hand release pushups. Feel free to change the hand release pushups to handstand pushups if you can do them.

The Exercises:

Hand release pushups: Chest must hit the ground. Arms come up and tap the tape above you (arms fully extended) and then you finish off the pushup by bringing your hands back down. Thats one, repeat for 5.

Just remember to add a touch to the tape in front of you when your hands 'release' or come off the ground. Your arms should be completely straight when you touch the tape.

Lunges: Feet starting together, lunge forward and get your back knee to hit the ground. Then bring it back and swap.

Burpees: Burpees must be over the line with your head facing it each time. Hands must be behind the line for each burpee. Jump over and land with two feet.

To see how the workout should be set up, i will have a post of the last minute of my workout on instagram later today.

If you end up doing the workout, have fun and let me know how you go!

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