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Workout 27.08.20 with Amy

Took Amy through this full body workout yesterday. If you are looking for a workout to get you moving in iso give the below a try. Each circuit is 4 minutes long with a 60-90 sec rest in between. Depending on whether you do 2-3 rounds, this should take around 20-30 mins 💦

How it works:

  1. Start on circuit 1 and spend 30 seconds on each exercise rotating through for 4 minutes in total on the circuit (you end up doing each exercise twice)

  2. Take 60-90 secs rest and then do the same on circuit 2.

  3. After circuit 2 you have now done 1 round. Aim to do 2-3 rounds all up!

Circuit 1

  1. Pushups on knee/ pushups on toes

  2. Step ups bodyweight/ stepups with weight

  3. Bench overs at the front of the bench/ bench overs over the bench

  4. Reverse Lunges/ Reverse lunges with weight

Circuit 2

  1. Shoulder taps

  2. Broad jumps with run back/ broad jump up and back

  3. Bench dips with knees in/ bench dips with legs out

  4. Bodyweight squat/squat jumps

Tips for each exercise:

Circuit 1

Pushups: Elbows in at about 45 degrees (not flared out) and chest to bench

Step ups: Both feet hit the ground, both feet move to top of bench

Bench Overs: Move side to side at the end of bench. To make it harder lift your legs higher or move to the centre of your bench.

Reverse Lunges: Step backwards and try get your knee to the ground. Then step back up. Try stay up tall the entire time.

Circuit 2

Shoulder Taps: Hips down, tap the opposite shoulder. Try to keep hips relatively still.

Broad Jumps: Add a run back to your starting position or spin around and jump back straight away to get your heart rate up more. Nice big jumps for each one.

Bench Dips: Lower yourself down, bending from the elbow. Feet in for support, to make it harder extend your feet out.

Squat: Chest up, knees out. Lower yourself down. To spice it up, jump from the bottom of the squat.

This workout will get tough and at times you will need to stop to give your muscles a break. That is completely fine. You do not have to be moving for the whole 30 seconds. For example if the pushups start to get hard, do pushups for 10 seconds, rest 10 seconds and then finish off the last 10 seconds.

You can also start with the harder version for each exercise and regress it to the easier version, as the workout gets harder. For example if you start with squat jumps and your legs start to tire, you can continue on with squats.

Do as much as you can 🙂

A video of each movement will be on my instagram later today. Let me know if you have any questions about the workout setup or exercises. 👊

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Aug 28, 2020

This workout looks so good. Can’t to try when my wrist has recovered.

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